So far, so surprised

This site has been in the wild for two weeks now, I rushed it out pretty quickly and tidied up the last bits whilst it was live.

Thank you to the people that alerted me to some of the cross-browser bugs and typos that slipped through my testing net. They’ve been fixed and v1 is officially finished.

I hadn’t anticipated such a positive response to the site. I’ve had loads of tweets and emails, from awesome people, saying how much they like the site’s design and my stance, so far.

To my surprise, No more ‘Mobile’ was really well received and did the rounds on twitter, getting mentioned by Ethan Marcotte and Brad Frost, and was featured in I was a bit apprehensive about sharing my opinions, so tiny endorsements like this are reassuring.

Overall it’s been a surprisingly supportive reception, thank you.

I now feel a slight pressure to keep the content flowing and maintain (or ideally improve) the quality of my writing.

It’s not going to be easy, I’ve got lots going on at Etch, plus an immovable deadline (the birth of my daughter) but it’s a challenge i’m looking forward to.

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