Yosemite Mountain
Such amazing colours!
Yosemite landscape
Tuolumne Meadows - breath taking
Yosemite Village
See the coaches? Just behind there is Yosemite village. What a place to live!
Yosemite River
Couldn't resist a paddle in this.
Yosemite Valley Chapel
Some lucky people get married in this beautiful location.
Yosemite dead tree
This tree has seen better days.
Yosemite Valley at sunset
The light was beautiful at dusk.
RV in Yosemite campsite
We parked up for the night in one of the campsites.
This view reminded me of Jurassic Park
Yosemite Meadow
The meadow in morning light.
RV in Yosemite
This rocky backdrop dwarfs our 19ft RV
Yosemite Valley at sunset
Heading north out of the Valley the landscape became more rocky.

I only spent 2 days in Yosemite (as part of a Road Trip) but they were 2 of the most memorable days of my life.

The collosal scale and natural beauty of this place forces you to use words like biblical when describing it to people yet to visit this part of the world.

It was difficult to stop taking photos of this stunning landscape. It’s no wonder that Ansel Adams devoted most of his life to that this place.

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